About Ohana

‘OHANA’ is a Japanese word which means flowers. We believe everything in nature is special and filled with blessing from God.

Ohana jewelry is designed to connect with nature and bring it into our daily life. We craft with natural and organic materials such as real flowers, leaves, pearls and semi-precious gemstones. Our products including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and hair accessories.

Jewelry is our medium for storytelling. Our wish is to bring blessings of nature to everyone through our jewelry.

Everyone is the only one, every piece is unique.
Let the natural simplicity compliment your uniqueness.

Ohana's philosophy

Our design is highly inspired by Japanese aesthetics. In our philosophy, beauty is natural, simple, unique, elegant, refined, imperfect and mysterious.

Ohana offers much more than just a fashion item, but a different lifestyle.

An art piece of storytelling

Everything in the world has its own story. And jewelry is our medium to tell a story. Each Ohana's collection tells a feeling, an origin, a memory, and a wish. This is the soul to give a meaning to the past and to create a sense of hope for the future. 

Craftsmanship with Japanese artisan spirit

Each piece of jewelry is handmade from scratch with care.
Ohana cares about quality and details in every process, from idea conception, materials selection, to creating a stunning piece of jewelry.

Ohana jewelry is infused with Majime (serious attitude) and Jounetsu (passion) of artisan spirit. Pursuit of perfection is our commitment to you.


The founder of Ohana

Ohana's founder, Chloe, loves nature since she was a kid, especially flowers. She believes everything in nature is filled with blessings from God.

During Chloe’s study in Japan, she was highly inspired by Japanese aesthetics and became interested in jewelry design and making.

Having finished the bachelor degree in Visual Arts in Tokyo, Chloe returned to her hometown, Hong Kong. In 2020, she established Ohana, an original jewelry brand that combines nature with Japanese aesthetics.